Saturday July 22, 2023

Buffalo FieriCon

 Hertel Ave, Buffalo, NY

Start time: 4pm 

Meeting Place: TBD

Buffalo's only Guy Fieri themed bar crawl for a cause. FieriCon 2023 is a free event, once again benefitting FeedMore WNY

  What is FieriCon?

Imagine a gorgeous Saturday afternoon, drinks on the patio, your favorite burger in hand, and you see a crowd of people dressed as Guy Fieiri coming towards you. Now imagine you and your crew rollin out and joining the party! 

FieriCon is a free event that benefits the food bank, FeedMore WNY

No tickets, no registration, no wrist bands 

Gather your friends, family, and pups, dress up like our favorite Guy, and show up on Hertel Avenue Saturday, July 22, 2023 to enjoy some drinks, food, and Guy Time.


  Event Details

Please check back to find all the day-of details for this year's crawl! 

Buffalo FieriCon Weekend

In addition to the Hertel bar crawl, many local bars and restaurants will be getting in on the action! Candyman Pizza, Mike & Pop's, Doc Sullivan's, Forty Thieves, Resurgence Brewing, and Hartman's Distillery will all be offering Fieri-inspired drink and food specials, and will be donating a portion of those proceeds to FeedMore WNY! If you can't make it to the crawl, this is a totally FLAVORTOWN option! 

Why dress up like Guy?

Why not? FeedMore WNY believes that in order to solve hunger, we must acknowledge that the struggle against hunger, poverty, injustice, and hopelessness are one and the same. What better way to advocate for this cause than to celebrate the flamboyant chef who loves food just as much as his love for philanthropy?

A Special Thank You to our Totally Flavortown Sponsors! 

Event Organized & Sponsored by Tina Anderson & Creative Juices Marketing & Events, LLC

Thank you to Del Reid the the rest of the team at 26 Shirts! 

Welcome to Flavortown!


We're Buffalo FieriCon, and we're rollin out to Hertel Avenue! Hope to see you there 🤙🏼

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